ANYA HINDMARCH, Fashion Designer
“My evening speaking at Generate was truly inspiring. It was fun to interact with these young people in such a positive forum. I was very impressed by how keen they were to hear my story, learn and ask questions.”

“I really enjoyed speaking at Generate because it allows ordinary London children to interact with speakers who’ve achieved success in all sorts of careers, but whom they wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to meet. It’s well organised, well attended and genuinely inspiring for everyone involved.”

“The quality of conversation and questions from the children after our Generate talk was thrilling. Wonderful to feel the unselfconscious gravity of attention and seriousness from a potential future generation of designers and thinkers, hungry for understanding.”

JAKE DAVIS, Former Hacker/Hacktivist
“At Generate, the audience of young people asked far more interesting questions than at most major tech and hacker conferences. Their enthusiasm and passion was evident, and that made it a real pleasure as a speaker to engage with – and enjoy – the event.
There’s something simple and beautiful about imparting really precise, useful tech knowledge, without all the hyperbole and spin, and Generate was a perfect event to do just that, with a top notch Q&A session that continued in the lobby afterwards.”