GENERATE is a non-profit educational project. We host free after-school talks and workshops to inspire and connect teens, generate ideas and create opportunities for young Londoners.

GENERATE creates a stimulating environment of learning, discovery and entrepreneurship for everyone involved – introducing kids to new subjects, technologies, skills and career paths with the help of inspiring industry leaders.

GENERATE is about more than just the success stories of our speakers, who all give their time for free.  Candid Q&A sessions give students a unique insight into the challenges and setbacks they might face along the way to a given career and what it takes to stand out.

Some of the charity partners we are currently working with to access teens are IntoUniversity, Speakers4Schools, Pure Potential and TutorFair.

Events are typically structured as a 30 minutes talk by the speaker followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. We provide snacks and drinks and there is always a chance to approach the speaker at the end of a talk with any last questions.

GENERATE events are for teens only with adult supervision present at all times.

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