Feedback from Ella Woodward @ Generate

  • Inspiring. I loved that it was relaxed and down to earth. I though that it was brilliant how we could ask Ella lots of questions an her stayed topical and real. The talk was relaxed which made it feel more like advice.
  • The simplicity of what she said, it was so to easy understand and relate to very clear and well spoken and organised. Stayed on topic. Answered questions very well and didn’t waffle on.
  • Very insightful and a great way to actually understand what its like to be a full time blogger.
  • Very interesting to hear the story of someone who perused something the genuinely enjoyed, especially without money as a driving force.
  • The talk was great, I loved the points that Ella gave, and how it was a relaxed environment. I liked the friendly Generate helpers, they were really interactive and conversational. It was a great informative evening.
  • Super informative and a great positive message!

Feedback from Oli Barrett @ Generate

  • I like the speech generally because It was engaging I was glad Oli said that successful people are rubbish at things as well.
  • I love his enthusiasm and how he combined his experience and what he has learned to provide such useful advice.
  • Oli was very enthusiastic and although he looked spontaneous his words were planned perfectly.
  • It was really great experience and one of the best GENERATE talks I’ve been to.
  •  A very well-developed talk – shame it couldn’t be longer!

Feedback from Anya Hindmarch @ Generate

  • The talk was very inspiring and I definitely learned a lot and would love to start my own business.  Thank you!
  • She was very open and knows how to talk to youngsters.
  • I liked the way she spoke about how she started her business in England when she got back from Italy.  She inspired me to make my own business.
  • Fun to listen to.  Offered us advice on how to grow a business as well as great inspirational quotes.
  • Don’t change anything!
  • I love Anya Hindmarch.  I really enjoyed the talk!
  • Amazing!

Feedback from Alex Klein @ Generate

  • I liked realising that something you think is impossible for you to do can actually be done so easily. It made me realise that I can make anything a possibility!
  • It has change[d] my idea on what you can and can’t do and allowed me to see that a great idea starts with your imagination.
  • It was highly interactive and well presented. Enjoyed every second!
  • It was personal, informative and fantastic!
  • It has motivated me to do things for myself rather than it just being done for me already. I have been thinking about [the] inside of technologies. I think it is challenging and fun and if I have one, I can make creations I will be proud of. I liked [that] he asked us questions.
  • It was practiced and different. Alex was very genuine and creative. KANO is amazing. The Generate talk is very interesting and insanely inspirational.
  • An inspiring talk, which was delivered very well by a really interesting speaker. Good questions. I think the product is a great one. Alex Klein also highlighted what I feel are inadequacies in our education system, namely lack of training in technical skills such as coding.

Feedback from Richard Reed @ Generate

  • The talk Richard gave was very inspirational.  He made me more confident in myself as I now know that something small can become big.
  • Great inspiration for young people to get into business. Richard made it seem very accessible and achievable for everyone – regardless of their background.
  • It didn’t feel like another school lesson!